Planet Chasing

Date: 5/22/2017

By JayJayLin

I was a police officer chasing down a hot-looking robber. This dream took place in the future, where all the planets in the galaxy are connected through subways. He kept jumping on trains to escape me, and I was so close to being able to shoot the tranquilizer at him, but I kept missing. The first planet we landed on was extremely icy and barren. There were gas stations everywhere but for some reason people only rode oxen to traverse the place. The next stop was at a humid planet full of gay bars, bathhouses, first aid centers, and shady-looking neon-lit streets. The robber dashed into a strip club and descended down one of the dancing poles into another subway station. The last stop was at a planet where the entire population lived in malls and practiced consumerism and capitalism. I had to run through jewelry, doll, and Disney-themed stores to catch up with him. Soon, I lost sight of him and found myself standing self-consciously the middle of a food court. Then, some random woman with baby strollers handed me an ice cream cone.