Chase in China

Date: 6/6/2017

By mushfleek

My sister is mad rich and we are in her apartment in china. It's a NICEEE penthouse in the middle of a very dirty ugly city. North Korean vibes but for some reason I know I was in china. I go to walk my sisters dog and it runs away. I go to look for it and I go on a journey through the dirty city. I come across an empty apartment and I decide to spend the night there. I start vlogging and then I hear the cops running down the halls. I hide under the bed and the officer finds me saying: "You thought that would fool us kid" So then I get dragged out and then I chill with the cops and they start smoking a Cuban cigar. They pass it to me and I take a puff as I look out the rusty barred window. And that's the end of that.