American Taoist Dream

Date: 3/7/2017

By LionFoot65

In my last dream I remember that I was in a universe where school never existed but everything else did which made everything blissful there. I was also taught certain techniques by the taoist monk known as One-Hundred-Eyes. I also remember that my brother was being taught by. Alan Watts lol. After that I saw that there was this little girl named Aniya who was singing beautifully and confidently. I think I was really drawn by it and told her someone seemed confident. And she just smiled mischievously partly because she knew I liked it. After that I started riding my bike with my friend (with long hair in my dream but not IRL) somehow through this neighborhood and some holes that we almost fell into seemed to start appearing. As we were trying to get my bike to a culdesac of this neighborhood that we were in, it seemed more and more that we would have to climb it. after that my friend threw my cat onto a bed that magically appeared in the middle of the culdesac.