cat trying to eat my feet

Date: 3/17/2017

By jevan

wish i remembered how all the different parts came together but. i was in a lift at a train station with my friends and they were pranking me by putting me in the lift and running away. i ran after them and grabbed lissie but kendall jenner shouted at me. She was there doing community service as a warden at the train station in full uniform. she didnt want to work in fashion because she wanted to show that a kardashian could do a real job. Other part of the dream, me, eilidh, lissie and andrew were sitting round a table eating street food in a dark alley and andrew was telling us how his name is an english version of his name and he actually was part of a secret language. he said you pronounced his name like "aniret" or something i dont remember and we had to repeat after him. naturally we didnt believe him so we asked him to say two words in his language so he said "sss ssss". I think this persuaded us somehow that he was telling the thing i know, im walking down the street in sandals and im being stalked by a cat trying to eat my bare feet, its really fucking annoying. i try kicking it and stamping on it but its too fast. (i've dreamt about this cat before by the way, dont know if that means anything.) i ended up kicking the guy next to me on the plane in my sleep and waking up.