Trying to Bring my Friend Minu back to Life after Android 18 Accidentally Kills Him

Date: 8/26/2017

By fluffytree

So I find myself in a field having a peaceful picnic with twin Androids 17 and 18, characters from the Dragonball Z universe, and we're just hanging around. 18 is acting real salty for some reason and outta nowhere she ends up getting mad at something 17 says and blasts him with a big energy beam that creates an explosion. It's so great that it splits him in two; his upper and lower half separated by like 30 ft. It's annoying and rude of her, but he is an android so he can survive and be put back together. But then I remembered I had a friend with us who I think name was Minu who's human. I freaked out and looked for him only to find that he died in the blast. His spirit remains though and he now has an ethereal form with light blue energy around him. I believe he was a monk of some kind and comes from a mysterious family with spiritual powers so I shouldn't be surprised, but still I am PISSED at 18 for this. I glare at her and point, "I SWEAR I'll get you back for this. You and me." I say right before I walk away. She's powerful but I know I can take her on. But not now since I have to figure out a way to bring Minu back to life. We end up wandering away from the field into a city that's in ruins. It looks quite ancient but this is where he's from. We go searching through this place looking for crystals for him to channel the power of his tribe called the Minu Minu, which is a light-based energy that he projects from his body through crystal or crystal-like structures in order to create a unique sound that calls forth his ancestors. I'm guessing they'll know what to do about bringing him back to life. On the other hand he tells me this is risky because he has ancestors that are peaceful and ones who aren't. The ones who aren't were once kings, queens, and other royalty who became corrupt with power. Using his power makes him become visible to all his ancestors including them unfortunately. We can only hope we don't get the royals... Apparently you don't need an exact crystal for him to channel his light through because for the most part he's been using old chandeliers found in ancient cathedrals and churches; some of them still held in place hanging from the ceilings and others having fallen on the dusty, rocky ground ages ago. It's so interesting to watch because he places his hand on them, closes his eyes and chants something in his native language whatever that is, and a warm yellow glow begins to emanate from his hand until a beautiful sound is produced. It's like several angels humming softly all at once. He does this at least 5 times but none of them cause anyone to show up. There are people around here too, mostly homeless beggars while others are lowly thieves who wait for a chance to attack us from behind. We never do give them said chance though. We must've spent hours wandering around this town and hit every crystal location we could find and we're now at a point where we're looping around and hitting the same spots. One of them is in a large cathedral and he does what he needs again only for us to move on, but when I see that he's not with me I look back to see the place full of spirits who are dressed in very regal clothing, several of them wearing crowns. Damn it, no doubt this is the royals he was talking about. We need to run so I try to walk over there to him but something stops me. They briefly look at me but I am clearly no threat at all to them. I then feel a sense of overwhelming defeat as if no one in the entire world cares about me and this sudden feeling puts me in a state of hopelessness where I am simply unable and unmotivated to do anything. Strange as I was fine literally a second ago. Perhaps this is their power? Or my lack of confidence that has bad timing of flaring up. They've formed some sort of court where they're discussing their plans for the kingdom and how Minu will become integral to bringing the city back to its former glory. I look at him as he's sitting in a throne. He looks back at me with a forlorn expression as if all is lost. I've failed for now, but there's got to be a way to fix all this before it's too late. I simply can't allow them to take him back with them to whatever spirit realm they're from. But I am suddenly woken up instead and yanked out of the dream. I'm feeling tired again so I'm heading back to sleep. If I dream some more I'll continue from here or maybe just make a new entry.