Andy Black lmfao

Date: 8/1/2017

By KilgoreTrout

I don't remember everything leading up to it, but I was sitting in grandma's black van in this big field. There were other trucks, vans, campers parked around sort of like the fairgrounds. I'm sitting with the door open just looking outside waiting for my parents. Then Andy Biersack and another man come walking past towards their own bus. I don't remember who spoke first, somehow Andy and I got to talking about how the van kind of looked like a hearse. I told him that he was awesome, and I love the band and how great it was. Playing it cool. He kept thanking me and called me awesome too and said something like "I love you man!" to me. Then he said he had to get going before his bus left and I let him. Then I remembered that I needed hard evidence of this encounter, so I yelled for him to wait a second and asked if I could get a picture with him. He was happy to do it, so I reached into the car to grab my phone, and walked over to him. When I held the phone up to get the shot, I noticed how shitty my hair looked as he put his head next to mine in the frame, but before I could take the picture he started nuzzling his face into my neck. This made me laugh while still trying to take the picture. He hugged me or something before saying bye and we both went to our vehicles. I was sitting in the doorway of the van again, now looking at the two pictures I had taken. In the first one I had taken it from below our heads (my hand lowered with the nuzzle attack), so I looked like shit, naturally. But I was laughing with my eyes squeezed shut, and you could see the side of his jaw/cheek from behind my face. The second picture, I think you could only see my hair and the top half of Andy's face was looking out from the top of my head. He looked great ofc. I saw his bus drive by and waved. Waited a bit more for my parents to get back. Mom and Carson finally come. We were driving down the road and I asked where dad was. Mom told me he was walking back to his car and I looked out the window to see him walking towards his truck nearby, thinking about how he had to walk such a long way. Then I woke up.