Date: 1/18/2017

By melissakitty

So Jay and Kyle and I were driving North up to Sydney to go camping when we were stopped half way due to a big road block. A farmer told us of the zombie situation and urged us to go back insisting that there was nothing left of anything further north. We believed him and turned back... The only problem was that along the cliff road, a couple of hours back where we had just come from, the road was blocked again due to disaster so we had no choice but to remain along the road. Sudden switch from road to a dark town, where there was a big bowling alley building I was in charge of. I was also working in The Body shop for some reason, trying to sell a pack of lemon facemask/toner:primer to Sofia, who was really into but left to think about purchasing it. I looked over to my boss and said that I knew she would want to buy it but there is no time left, we need to go. Back in the bowling alley building, I was with Pete, Kyle, my brother and Jay... We had reinforced te building really well as we were aware of the army of the dead about to approach the town. My brother's friend - some Chinese girl and middle Eastern guy came running down the road so I let them in, only to have them neg us out so I was like srsly fine just leave ! But they wouldn't cause we had a sweet spot. We also took in some all American black guys who were gangsters prior to the world's apocalypse. I was trying to make them feel at home because I really liked them and wanted them on our team. I turned around and there was a Korean girl and her tiny, tiny girlfriend who was sick. I felt bad but I urged her to let me tie her hands up and sellotape her down to the ground knowing that she was about to turn and we couldn't afford to have anyone bit. She turned, and my method had worked - people were stoked that we had the situation under control, but things seemed ominous as we were still all aware of the massive challenge lying ahead. Then sadly I woke.