A Chillow for Gerard

Date: 3/26/2017

By stateofdismay

Yesterday I saw a screenshot of Gerard Way's tweet about the chillow and how excited he was about it, and then in my dream I found one and my first thought was "I have to give this to Gee to cheer him up." Idk why he was sad or why I believed that would help but yeah. So I took it and started heading over to his place. But it turns out the chillow I found belonged to someone and they thought I stole it??? So they start trying to track me down and ultimately got this huge crowd following me and I'm like "fuck off it's my chillow and I'm giving it to Gee" I finally managed to lose them by going into a train station that looked more like this rundown mall near where I live but the dream ended before I could get on the train and get to gee's house