Date: 8/5/2019

By paxman321

I was at my friend Tara's house with her boyfriend talking about something but I can't remember we were leaving but it was raining really hard so I refused to leave but then time skipped now it's night and there's a party all my friends and some people that idk were there but then I saw my boyfriend so I went up to him gave him a hug then he turned around and walked away holding a girls hand then I was on the road with taras boyfriend smoking (I don't smoke) and then o realized that it's really late and my foster parent is going to freak out then it was daytime and I was at a road and a random house that isn't my house irl bit in this dream it is is all flooded and for some reason I'm trying to swim into my house for my phone and there were cops trying to get me to get to safety but I got to my house and when I got on it was sunny outside Gloria (my foster mother) was drinking coffee then said something along the lines of if I do this again I'll turn into a different person and my name will be Samantha. -2019 August 5th monday