Gym, Florida, Corey Feldman

Date: 1/18/2017

By ace200

It started with me being at home. I was angry at my mom because she said we would go hiking, but then she started cleaning the house and I said she always did this and we never continued with plan. As an act of rebellion, I played Heathers the Musical as Zoe and I waited for her. I remember my grandma was over too. My mom then dropped Zoe and I off at this fitness center where Burkheart was teaching.We had to do obstacle courses with other kids and everyone was good at a specific thing. I remember these bad people came and the kids had to hide because it turns out they had super powers and the bad people knew about it. It turned into a singing lesson with the kids and we had to sing really high. My mom then took Zoe and I to Florida and we were on this pier on the beach. The start of the pier was still and sunny, but the end was rough with big waves and dark, like one end had a storm. There was a beautiful sunset in the distance and I had my camera so we went to the end. It was hard to keep balance and we were getting wet. I turned around to take a selfie and saw a whale jumping behind me, but couldn't snap a pic in time. Every time the whale came back, I missed it. These two dolphins (huge) then jumped onto the pier and I got pretty scared. We left. The characters from Freaks and Geeks were then in Florida and trying to decide what to do. I then somehow met Corey Feldman at the restaurant. I had to like see if I was a true friend by answering questions. One was him laying out a bunch of outfits and I had to put on the one I thought he would like the best. I chose this sexy purple dress and then he let me sit down with him and have a conversation. He asked me what I did over Christmas and stuff.