--How I Dream--

Date: 1/18/2017

By StopTryingEmily

When I'm dreaming it's almost always in 3rd person. As if I'm watching a movie. There's close up shots and side angles. Sometimes my point of view switches between first and third person. At least that's how I remember them. I've only experienced lucid dreaming a few times, mostly when I was younger. I also tend to have re occurring dreams. Yet, I never have the same dream 3 times, at the max twice. When I do have the re occurring dreams some of the strangest things happen. The people who appeared in that dream (usually people I've never seen, not my friends or family members) will remember me and what we did together in the last dream I had with them. I almost always remember these dreams since they are so unique. I dream quite often, usually crazy insane dreams never anything that's contains adult material. I personally would say that my dreams are similar to those of a child. A lot of fantasy and abstract things. Although I suppose that's what all dreams are. One last side note: I am some one who regularly experiences Deja-Vu. Some of the times the Deja-Vu is very vivid, and goes both ways. What I mean is, what you normally think of Deja-vu being is when you see a small glimpse of an image you've seen before. While yes I do experience that, I also experience an almost "looking into the future" kind of Deja-Vu. Never anything crazy, but the same way you would see a small glimpse of a picture in your head, it's more like taking the picture right then and there. Say I'm staring at a painting on the wall. Sometimes for a brief moment I freeze and realize I just had that strange Deja-Vu moment where I'm not exactly revisiting that painting, but taking the image in my head like a camera. Then I'll sit there and think about how I know that eventually I'll get Deja-vu of that same picture in the future and remember that I had Deja-vu just then. And of course later on when that painting reappears in my mind while I'm standing in front of the painting again, I'll stop for a good minute and freeze because I remember the exact words I was thinking of when this Deja-Vu occurred. Its weird.