Digital art, Dall-E generate an image of a woman smiling while holding a package of flute reeds with a wall of musical inventory behind her.

Oh, brother

Date: 12/3/2022

By Purple

I was in a large apartment where my older brother (Jeff) and his friends were hanging out. I went to the bathroom. The new roll of tp had brown stains on the roll and on the sides. I was grossed out and kept unraveling the roll, waiting to get to some clean bits. My brother’s friend came in and told me that those rolls of tp were exposed to some dirty area. While that wasn’t exactly what I wanted to hear, at least it wasn’t poop, as I had originally thought. When they all left, the apartment seemed even larger. It was lovely to have a nice, quiet evening to myself. In my sleep (in the dream), I thought I heard activity in the middle of the night. My older brother had come home, then checked in on me. On a whim, it seemed, he whispered that he loved me. That was comforting. But I was then disturbed that his friends returned and they made a lot of noise setting up the extra cots they put away from the night before. Perhaps they were unsure if they were returning that evening. It must’ve been about 5 in the morning and it seemed like Jeff was laying in bed, sick. I offered to make him some tea. He asked for tea without milk or sugar and thought that would make it organic. I laughed at his innocence in this area. He then asked for fruit flavored tea. I looked at the collection and opted for the raspberry. I selfishly thought I’d save the sweeter fruit varieties for myself. The layout of the main room seemed to change with who was sleeping where. Suddenly I spotted my younger brother, Tommy, nosing through my belongings. I confronted him that my belongings are none of his business and he has absolutely no right to go through my bag, especially without my permission. Surprisingly, he didn’t argue back. He didn’t look guilty, but he knew he was wrong. He moved my belongings from the bed I was sleeping on to a general area. My belongings were an old style flip phone and two pairs of earrings. One pair was my type (cubic zirconia studs) and the other was not: gaudy, large, with some orange in the design. My cats were in hiding the whole time, and I was so caught up in the mixing up of his friends coming and going, the furniture set-up and break-down, that I realized I hadn’t been feeding them or paying them any mind. I felt awful. I found them under someone’s bed and beckoned them to come to me. They slinked out from under the bed to a preferred hiding spot, which would be whatever room I wound up staying in, although it always seemed to be changing. While all the above was going on, one of my older brother’s friends, the only female, came to say hi to me. I was between whatever bedroom I was staying in and the kitchen area where the selections of tea have been kept. On the wall of the bedroom appeared to imitate inventory seen in a music store, because there were flute reeds hanging up. I knew this friend played flute, along with another friend, so I offered her a package. She gladly accepted and asked if she can take a second one for a friend. I said yes. She continued to smile and be friendly. She offered to help with my brother’s tea. I was hoping she wasn’t reading my mind where I was being selfish about which teas I preferred.