Warehouse working

Date: 8/4/2017

By LegacyJM

I dreamed that someone was teaching us something on the whiteboard I forgot who but it was a manager or lead from work. It was about square roots and I got the hang of it pretty quick but Brian seemed to be having trouble with it. Then they told me to erase it, and I asked all of it? She/He said yeah. Then, Brian started laughing and I looked over to him and he was by the window. He said oscar was looking through the window and I went over to him and on the very edge of the window I saw oscar looking in, kinda frowning, as if he worked there too. Then he saw me and started to smile. I laughed and then I saw him make his way to his van, with some other kids. I guess he came from soccer practice or something. He got into his van, which was gray and blue at first, then when he pulled out it was just gray, which left me confused. Then, I got back to what I was doing, which was folding these white polo shirts and cleaning the back of them, they were dirty asf with some black powder or something like that, and I was scrubbing it off while next to the manager/lead.