stress dreams🥰😣

Date: 5/12/2019

By sadiesanville

i was chilling with emily, becca, tessa, cole, and nick and they’re all texting each other and i was just sitting there. and finally, i realize they’re all texting in one group chat and i’m like ‘wtf’ so i look over to becca’s phone and they’re texting in the jimmy’s boys chat and i was like ‘are u kidding me’ and i look over at cole and HE’s texting in it and i was like “they seriously added you???” and he was like “yeah! i’m just better than you i guess” and i walked away crying. we all end up going to the same afterparty and emily, becca, and tessa are passed out asleep so i was like “uhhh i’m gonna go home” and right when i say that they all wake up and we’re like “okay! we’re going to auralia’s!” and i was like “wait if you’re gonna be awake i’ll stay to hang w u guys” and they were like “no no no, you said you wanted to go home so go home. we are going to auralia’s” and i was like “come on, you can’t just do that” and they were like “...yeah we can...” and got up and LEFT.