I Join The Rebellion

Date: 1/19/2017

By Fileacethedragon

I was fighting in a war, the twos sides where the republic who, were referred to as "greens" and the rebels who, were referred to as "whites". It was sort of like star wars. It started in a field area with tall grass and red dirt. There were greens shooting at me and my friend Ellie with blasters. I tried to protect Ellie as we made are way towards a white ship that was waiting to pick up soldiers. We both made it into without getting hit. We walked into a huge room the size of an American-football field. The only people in the room were me, my friend and a man who, walked over to us. "Welcome to the rebellion," he said "can either of you be a medic? Are last one died and there were going to be wounded soldiers coming in any minute." "I can," i said taking a step forward. The man led me to the sickbay. As soldiers started making it back to the ship I had a lot of work to do. I bound wounds and splinted broken arms, some of the Injuries were sort of goose. When I had finished I walked back out to the large room there were a couple people standing around, at some point my mom had shown up. I walked over to her, "I really need you to be the medic," I told her "I feel like I'm going to throw up." My mom nodded and walked into the sickbay. Next seen: I walked into a room that looked like my future brother-in-law's basement with more chairs. My sister and her husband were sitting on the couch closest to me and across from them were two greens. I drew my blaster and aimed it at the greens, "what are they doing here!" I demanded. "Calm down," said the one on the right "were just here to celebrate with BB (my sister's nickname). I cautiously sat next to my sister then but nothing bad happened as she opened her presents. I remember I was sent on a mission to gather more troops but I don't remember what happened very well. Sorry that this was so long.