Movie Theater w J & A Frozen Shark

Date: 5/5/2017

By angxlinasoleil

M, L, and I go back to our old church building. The chapel has been renovated into a dark movie theater. For some reason J joins our aisle, but doesn't sit next to me. I go to the bathroom during a break in the movie, and when I come back they have shifted so that I must sit by J. I suspect "they" is just J, and play along. J has to leave early and hugs M and K goodbye. He kisses me goodbye and M says "And where's the love letter?" Something I can't determine the chronology of also happened. Jaida from my first home came up to me with Claire from my second. Jaida talks to me for a bit before we go through a car with a bunch of other people and find a frozen shark whose skin I poke through, plus a hamster in a cage.