Trump was in it

Date: 6/10/2017

By UltimatePenguin

I had this dream. Me, my father and my brother were all at somebodys house. I had (to my knowledge) never been there before. Were all hanging out on the front lawn when I go inside. This blonde woman aproaches me and asks me to make her a hotdog. So i go in the kitchen, pull out a cold hot dog, put it in a bun than put some ketchup on it. A friend of hers is walking by so I hand the the hotdog to her and ask her to give it to the blonde women. I go to get myself a hotdog but, it's all shredded up. Not carring I put it in a bun and put some musturd on it. As im doing this Donald Trump walks into the kitchen and starts making a plate of something. On my way out of the kitchen her friend says that the blonde women is really happy with me. I go into the front room and shes in there sitting on the floor. I sit next to her. We kiss with our whole mouths. The sensation is perfect, right. Some musturd drops onto her wrist. I immediately go to lick it off and end up breathing on her wrist. she pulls her wris away but, doesnt seem bothered. We go outside and i say im sorry. Her respons is: "For breathing?". I drop the subject and we walk over to a large stone slab perfect for sitting. It has large dead bugs on it so I ask if she would like me yo clear them away. sh e says she does so I go to clear them away, as i do this i wake up.