Cliffs and gravestones

Date: 3/21/2017

By Eurydice

This dream was choppy and nonlinear, but it was very fun. In it, I was at a Morrissey show and it had just ended. I was apparently very nervous about going backstage and I didn't wanna go, but I knew I had to. When I got up enough nerve, I went back only to find that the boys had already left and I felt devastated. Suddenly, Jesse comes in from outside and he looks flustered. He sees me and asks, "Have you seen my book? I think I left it." He and I launched into a search for the book he didn't want to leave behind. I then found a big, thick, bright orange book of poetry (I could read the text, but it didn't make sense and I'm unsure of the author, but I know he was African American) and I asked him if that was the book he was missing. He smiled and said, "Yes! Thank you!" Then, he hurried out the door. There was a break/gap and then I was on top of a cliff in Europe and I got inspiration for a new design for a Morrissey shirt for the upcoming tour. I got to work sketching, on top of the cliff, an Edgar Gorey style group of children, standing on the cliffs, each with a gravestone in front of them. Each tomb stone had one letter each on it to spell out M-O-R-R-I-S-S-E-Y. It looked VERY NEAT! I recall feeling very proud of the image in the dream and I'm gonna go try and duplicate it today.