Fucking terrifying

Date: 5/26/2017

By ace200

At first, this story was a third person view. I was watching a family of three suffer. A mom, a dad, and their son who was like five. It started with the boy, whom had an "invisible friend." I could see the invisible friend, who was this all black young boy the main boy's age. I knew that he wasn't just an invisible friend. I knew he was a demon of some sort. But, the boy was loyal to this demon and would do whatever he said because he was afraid of him. I witnessed the mother yelling at the boy for pretending to have an invisible friend, and I remember grabbing her and yelling, "It's not an invisible friend! There is a demon following him you can't see!" But, she could not see me, because I was just a third person watching. The boy had been out of the house, at night, and the parents did not know where he was. I knew he demon told him to go out alone. Once he returned, the parents asked where he was. The boy did not tell them anything because the demon would not let him. Although, the parents found out about the demon when he decided to finally show himself, after months of tormenting their son. He stretched out the boy's face in front of them, contorting it. They were all screaming. When the demon stopped, he showed himself, now big and all dark and grotesque, and then left. The parents grabbed their son and finally understood. The parents were terrified, but the boy acted very casual. The dad asked how long this was going in, and the son said it started after their uncle's 31st Birthday, which was months earlier. The father got sad that he didn't do anything about it. He asked the son how it started. The son said that the demon began by pulling on his arms and legs while he was in bed. He would then push him around and touch him during the day. The mom pulled out videos of their son falling when they went out, and realized it did look like he was being pushed. The son said the demon made him do anything he wanted by scaring him and saying he would hurt him, which he sometimes did. The son had scares. It turned into my family. My mom, my dad, my sister, and I. We were sitting in the family room when the demon came. He had been tormenting my younger sister. My mom began to try to fight the demon, but instead he moved on to her and said he would kill her in two days and she could not escape him. He disappeared. My dad said he was going to hire an exorcist to remove the demon from the house. The demon was messing with our TV and showing himself in it, so my dad broke it. A family of four wandered into our house then. Two parents and their small girls. They were all kind of slumping. We realized the demon possessed all four of them, and he was trying to scare us. The possessed family all had black eyes. My sister screamed, "Demons!" And then they started attacking. The children scrambled the floor as the dad came towards me. I started hitting him with a stick, like a mop or a broom or something. Eventually, they began to back off. The children were rolled into vegetables, I guess the demon somehow did this. When no one was looking, I threw them down the hill in our backyard because I didn't want them in the house. The parents got worried, still possessed, and I told them the children ran down the hill. I was so scared the parents would be mad at me and attack me. The parents followed them, so we went inside and locked all the windows and doors.