Softball and Theater

Date: 3/9/2017

By jaymz

So I started off at the softball field, there was Kenny and another girl playing separately than the other softball girls. I went up to them and I started talking, kinda flirting. Then the other softball girls came over and we were all kinda talking, but then I went up to Maddy Peters, and I kinda went right up to her face and whispered something, but I was just kinda looking at her face cause she was hot. Then a bunch of cars drove by that was their parents. The parents were all concerned that something happened, and something did. But I went up to one car and I talked to him cause I was trying to find out what he knew about the situation. Next thing I know is I'm at theater, about to do my prince scene, except the theater was huuuuge, and there were scenes before mine. (Which there isn't) and I wore my prince stuff but eventually I changed into a robe, like a bad wizard's robe. Then onstage while relaxing Colette came up to me and started talking to me about something, she was giving me advice. After that went into the hallway, and Ashley was looking up some type of competition to win money. What a weird dream.