Lucid Dreaming Gone Wrong

Date: 8/3/2017

By Olrox

It started in a large lobby of a hospital, I was with my 2 close cousins that I spent a lot of time with as a kid. I believe it was my parents talking at the desk and my cousins signal for us to go on while they were busy. I knew I was a child at this time because I knew we were going to explore. We walked up a big set of stairs that looped to the 2nd floor that also extended to halls around the lobby that you could see out. We walked out there to view the giant lobby and behind us there was a stair case leading up. They told me to come as we went to see what was above. As I'm following them up these stairs it starts to turn very dark and dingy like it was out of silent hill and the stairs turned to wood. They continued to tell me to keep going as I could see their hands waving me barely through the darkness. at this point it became more lucid and I felt something was wrong, so I turned back down. They assured me to keep going. So with some courage I continued up as they persisted I follow them. I kept following their hands guiding me when I noticed the arm was way longer than a normal arm and I gained full control and I darted down the stairs. I didn't end up at the 2nd floor of the lobby though, but a very cramped room almost like a small attic. It had wooden walls and only 1 visible exit through a door. This is when I got some weird lucid thought that I had this dream before and multiple times and something bad was going to happen. I force woke myself up but in the strangest thing I ever had in a dream, I woke up from a dream inside of my dream. I was sleeping over at my cousins house freaking out about the dream and that dream was being shown on his TV with a view of the hospital lobby. I panicked when I knew something was going to happen and on the screen popped some pale lady similar to the grudge and she looked right through the tv and I woke myself up for real this time before anything happened. It's insane to have a lucid dream about a dream and have the odd feeling that I have had that dream before for some reason specifically 4 times.