Weird dream

Date: 2/22/2017

By dixsilence

I dreamed that a girl was staying at my house, she was using my bedroom. It had a different cover with a big orange blanket and many little ones with multiple colors. I entered and started talking to her, I didn't know her but we ended on the.bed while chatting, even spooning just because. Then my mother was coming in and we pretended to be asleep. Was nice to have some tender loving care. The next part I was in other house with my family, there where spiders with big long legs on the floor and I was killing them. After that I went to the bathroom and everything was changing color, tapwater, piss, tp. Lastly I was walking near a road, it was next to a park. There were little birds with brightful colors, like tiny toucans or magpies. Even some of them were like flies or bees, they had long tiny legs and a floating Vail around them.