Date: 8/13/2017

By amornoir

I was at my grandmother's house with my cousins and other members. Being in the pink room with my cousins, i noticed something off with this cat. It seemed to only follow my father, now knowing since my father was a spy, a cam must've been put into the cat to to spy on him. I was going to tell him but noticed most of the items had cams in them and shut up. I went out the room and asked my father if we could talk outside, seeing one of my boy cousins wanted to follow us but i kept pushing him back. I could see him grin as we left and went down a block. I told my father everything but felt something off. I quickly got something out of my shirt, seeing a small speaker and a sensor. He was listening to me this whole time as i tell him i'm going to end him. Looking back up i see my father was a decoy and not real, seeing he was also just a speaker and ran back.