rick & morty nightmare + others (lucid)

Date: 5/12/2017

By jevan

for some reason it started off with my mum watching a video of me and my friends at a party and it was so realistic. in the video everyone is dressed up in weird costumes, i'm wearing a baseball cap that doesn't fit and there were two girls in bright purple wigs. she was quizzing me about it and she thought it was a party that i had had without her knowing but it wasn't it was just a Felixstowe party. next thing i know is im walking round my hometown in the rain with a friend and we bump into every sam who was in our year in high school. also my hometown had turned into like a cambodian village it was tropical with palm trees and humidity. me and this girl i was with start holding hands and were now an item lol. we go on a weird route back to my house to avoid her family seeing. eventually get back to mine and she is taking silly cliché boyfriend snapchats of me. This is where things start to get weird. My family and I have moved into a haunted hotel so we can live with my grandad (rick from rick & morty is the best way to describe him but i wasnt aware of that at the time) so me and my sister erin are sharing a room and were being quiet because the walls are paper thin, were also a bit cartoony like bart and lisa simpson but its 3D. anywAy the walls are so thin you can see through them when light is coming in from the other side. so we see my grandad turn on a light in the hallway and walk past. this is when i decide to go to the toilet but it starts attacking me and it has eyes and teeth in the bowl and it can jump around like a monster. (it was kind of like the monsters in the new gorillaz music video.) i run screaming to my parents room and suddenly other witchy women come out and start attacking us too while my whole family are on this double-bed. Then my grandad comes in and wipes all of our memories and puts all the monsters away. (in my head i really dont trust him because he seems to have secrets) the next morning, everyone leaves for work slowly and i'm trying to figure out whether anyone else remembers last night but everyones keeping quiet incase our grandad is listening or watching. i end up having lunch alone with him and these 3 women who are american and are from the golden age of hollywood. (Looking back i remember these women and this grandad figure from my first lucid experience! Its like this group of people are the enemies in my lucid world. they were in my dream called "lucid sleep paralysis" if you want to look.) anyway, i was eating a cheese sandwich and i had another one in a different tuppaware. i put one cheese sandwich inside the other and then put it in a tuppaware inside a tuppaware. meanwhile these 3 american women are flirting with me which is weird because im like 13 in the dream. I eventually manage to leave and i say i have work and that i have to hand out leaflefs. as i walk inside from the hotel garden, it's very dimly lit and cobwebby inside but i see my sisters caitlin and erin and i see in their faces that they remember last night. we sneak off past the hotel lobby up some stairs and my sister is sitting infront of this egyptian artefact that when you touch it you can see eachothers dreams. i touched it and was hesitant to touch it because it was so realistic and my vision kept changing between the hotel room and inside my sisters head. inside her head was kind of like old retro computer graphics and there was this red 3D prism banging into these white likes repeatedly. I then encouraged my other sister to do it and she saw something similar but hers was yellow. it felt like these were clues as to what my grandad was up to. Then my mum walks in and i think thats when my grandad finds us which is too overwhelming and terrifying that i wake up!