Date: 4/3/2019

By Flamango5

I had this dream where I was in my room, but it wasn’t the same. The layout of my house was different. Anyways I was standing next to my bed, when I hear a strange noise coming from the wall. When I turn to look at it, it was some weird yellow liquid. I then pass out, but idk why. I was genuinely scared tho xd. I don’t remember how I got there, but I was talking to this skinny guy with pale skin in some sort of tunnel. I don’t remember much from there, but I know that we fell in love with each other. My parents thought he was a monster, and was going to kill him. He did kinda look like one, but not to me. For some reason he lived in our house to, crawling through the vents. I don’t remember anything leading up to me and my family being on a boat is a really bad storm. We got there, and apparently we had to go to the ‘Canadian side’ (where we came from) to fish. Idk why. I don’t remember anything else, so I must’ve woken up. I remember really loving the guy. I genuinely never been ten meters close to a guy xd.(we actually smooched a bit but don’t tell dream mom)(also somehow he made it across to wherever we were, idk how I know)