Machine Gun Kelly was my boyfriend 😯

Date: 6/8/2017

By mskatrina85

No clue why I keep dreaming about Machine Gun Kelly. Trying to remember what I can from this dream, but he was my boyfriend in it! We were basically just coupled up completely up through the dream. We were outside of this dirty public bathroom, and he had to use the bathroom but didn't wanna leave me outside so he grabbed my hand and pulled me in. The bathroom was disgusting. He went into a stall then when he came out he pulled me to him and was holding my hips while washing his hands at the sink. It was giving me butterflies. Then we were in the mall together with 2 of our other friends (I guess; I didn't recognize either one), a black girl and another white boy who looked kinda punk, like MGK. We were going up the escalator and he was fully hugging me from behind. Then as we walled he was still holding me, linking his fingers with mine, and just hugging my waist from behind. I felt super fuzzy, like he was a first crush who finally noticed me. I also felt self-concious because I was aware that he was into so much PDA and I didn't know if I was. I was thinking that no one had ever been that forward with me in public. We all went into a toy section and the girl put on one of those rock band guitars that was sitting out, and picked a song and started playing. The guys were laughing and hyping her on. I started laughing and loosening up, trying to have fun. MGK was standing right behind me kinda grinding on my butt a bit, so I decided to shock him. I pulled down my pants to my hips, then started twerking against him. But I was giggling and told him that I sooo couldn't dance. He was laughing too but held my hips and started really dancing/grinding hard against me. So I pulled my pants back up and he just held my waist and kept kissing my neck. The girl kinda made eye contact with me and I could tell that she was asking if I'd had sex with him, so I gave a quick little shake of my head for no, which his friend noticed. We all sat down at a restaurant table to eat and the other guy asked what we were all doing for Thanksgiving. I told them I was going home, since I always spent it with my family. From beside me, MGK said "why didn't you tell me any of this?"... and I looked up and saw that he looked hurt. So I quickly told him that my mom lived in a poor area, and that if I wasn't going to share a room with someone during my stay, I'd have definitely invited him to drive down with me. He asked how far away it was and I told him it was a 4 hour drive. He offered to just come on Thanksgiving day and that made me all giddy, that he'd drive such a distance just to spend that one day with me. I told him I didn't want him going out of his way like that, but I started seeing like a scene of him pulling up to my mom's house and me introducing him to everyone while we sat down to eat thanksgiving dinner. And he looked so adorable with all his tattoos and messy hair, but he'd tried to clean up some with a button down shirt. That's all I can remember and it was bizarre.