Boring dreams

Date: 8/8/2017

By jimbo_slice

I was at work getting messages from someone I've hardly ever spoken to and he was giving me advice. Then as I started to get on with work everybody was asking me when my dad would get there but I didn't know. I then went out into the shop bit and some people were looking at prescriptions even though it was not a pharmacy. So I had a look for mine and one of the people looking was a girl who wouldn't stop talking and the other was a rough looking guy. For some reason I sat down at a table with them and it came up that the guy needed the drugs because he was a criminal. The girl kept the conversation with him going but I was hesitant. Then I saw someone that looked like him walk in and assumed it was his brother. Suddenly it started getting too loud in the room to hear and without noticing the room had changed layout to a food hall and I looked at the clock which said something significant and I tried to tell the other two but they couldn't hear. So I told my brother who had appeared at the table by magic and he understood but couldn't tell the other two. Something may have happened in between dreams but this one ended and the next started. Me and a bunch of people from my school were sitting in a hall which was filled with people from other schools. Jeremy Corbyn came in and got a huge cheer. I looked away to talk to my friend sitting next to me and when I looked back and Stephen Fry had taken his place, although I didn't notice the switch. Stephen was seemingly wrestling with a young kid and as he stood up, accidentally got a star, like in a videogame, that gave him +10 and everyone cheered. The cheering didn't stop for a while and I turned to the person next to me, who had changed and he was talking to some people I also know who were next to him. When I turned back, my position in the hall had moved to the other end while Stephen must have walked to the opposite end and was talking to some kind of teacher. The guys sitting next to me started messing around and I joined in. The laughing got so loud a teacher came over and told off the bit on my other side who has done nothing wrong but was known for getting into trouble. As the teacher walked away I woke up.