Elephants escape

Date: 5/20/2017


I was in this place, and all the elephants had escaped, everyone was terrified and heard about the news and went to hide from them. the rule was that they couldn't reach a top 1st floor but they could break through things. we go to this rich persons house and he tell us we are age there, by then he puts us into the basement which turns out to be the ground floor and the walls are made of glass! So we go.up into a different room and this one has metal fences around it, which hope they can't get through and start to play a game of cards to pass the time. then we look outside and they are everywhere and people are running from them in all directions, no one seems to be hurt yet, they reach a fence which is in this guys garden and the people are outside and it seems like they a d e not gonna hurt people after all, but then one gets mad and true to reach.out at someone through the fence, it stands of in hind legs. then I'm not sure about the rest.