A Hookup in Mexico

Date: 2/13/2017

By HarleyQuinn

I was on vacation in Mexico, i think in Cancun, and I was hanging out with Gael Garcia Bernal. He looked like the character he plays in Y Tu Mama Tambien. We would make out a lot, and it came to the point where I wanted to give him a blow job. He was hesitant at first for some reason, and I didn't push him, so we just continued making out. It then jumped to us being in a hotel room, watching tv, when all of a sudden we were making out again. Then this time he definitely was lol for a blow job, and I'm not gonna get into detail but, I did it. After he leaves the room to go to the bathroom, I facetime my friend and once she answers I say, "I told you I'd be a hoe and suck a dick." I woke up after that but, I'm not gonna lie I found the whole thing so funny so i practically woke up laughing .