Rune Factory

Date: 6/13/2017

By jooneyeri

I dreamed that on the roku or something in our home in New York me and Jean turned on Rune Factory 8. We went into the game somehow (VR? Magic?) and we were there for years and became kings. One of us even became the High King Peter (I think either Jean or some mystery person who was the tallest of us that I forget). We fought battles and huge wars and went on quests and adventures and became legends. There was farming and small villages and evil witch villains and all sorts of creatures. At the end of the main quest it was winter and snowing. We beat it and then the game ended and though we stayed in the game as long as possible through credits and stuff we were eventually automatically kicked out and we just felt completely empty and lost. Some of the others were ready to give up and move on because the game had ended but I decided to go back in and see of we could live and adventure there or at least a bit more even if it wasn't as fantastical as the main quest. I felt a huge sense of loss and we were all much much older than we looked because some of us had lived for hundreds of years in game. The people in my dream were a mix of from school home and other places. There was me, Jean, Louis marinelli, Mat O'Brien, Yewon, and a bunch of other people i can't remember. It was rune factory 8 and 9 packaged edition but 9 was a completely different story with different characters and it wasn't our same world. When you turned on the game on Roku the title screen was split up into two halves left and right and on the left was our beloved world and on the right there were completely different characters in a complrtely different story. Rune factory 10 would continue our storyline but we would have to wait years for it to come out and I just couldn't accept that. I think there was some sort of wierd magic that was involved in us being so immersed in that universe and being able to live in that world for what seemed like years and years in what was actually a few hours. We were trudging away in the snow wearing ski outfits for some reason (I also have vague memories of snowboarding) and we were holding each other's hands and racing and stuff and I really wanted to hold jeans hand all the time but I think she got a bit annoyed sometimes so I tried to switch off partners and held hands with yewon and she giggled and said I smelled like dogs and potatoes and was really slow. I forget what point of the dream this took place during. Also I ran up to mat O'Brien and held his hand momentarily but I tripped and we both fell on our faces like salmon. Ms Gallo or Mrs great or someone saw and chuckled as mat got annoyed at me and yelled because we had already done this twice before. if I fell in the vicinity of him he would get tangled up in it and fall too so he was like EVERY TIME why joone why UGH Also we tried racing in pairs and I was either holding hands with Yewon or Jean and we came second. I was very happy and proud about this and jumped up and down bragging ecstatically. Later on in the dream all of us (after becoming friends in the game world we all hung out in a group a lot in the real world) we were in the school locker room or bathroom or something. We found a bunch of weird writings on the floor and loose papers shuffling around. We dismissed it at first and even started erasing one when I was like WAIT and realised that the letters and symbols were codes to get back into the game world magically. We could continue our adventures even if they were more peaceful and mild. The others were dubious but I was like JUST TRY IT and we each got into stalls and used a line of those weird codes somehow I forget how. We ended up transporting to the game world and we couldn't believe our eyes at first and then started jumping up and down and yelling out of joy and even tearing up a little and laughing in relief. We traveled up and down cold snowy mountains and trudged on for days before we came upon a familiar village. The world was so bitterly cold and snowy. It was hard but we were seasoned travelers and warriors so we could definitely withstand it. In some other part of the dream we were in a place filled with dogs and it was winter but they all lived outdoors in dog houses and pens. I wondered if they were cold but they would dig nice little holes in the snow and make it so their dog houses were actually quite warm and toasty. There were a few puppies and really small dogs and I remember one used this strange wheelchair movable staircase thing to get up and down the various platforms in its cage. I even got down and tried curling up in a snowy little dog house and it was kind of wet and mushy and unpleasant and not as warm as I thought but definitely not unbearably cold or anything. I could see how the dogs could easily tolerate it especially given their fur coats and all. There was some part with a witch that used whirlwind magic and us gathering plants like radishes and magical herbs and stuff while fighting against the wind. Each herb and item had it's own property some trifle and others of high value that boosted our stats in our fight against magical creatures and enemies. I think we could also recruit creatures to help us abd fight for us. We could go inside villages sometimes too and buy and sell things which was important as we each had a limited inventory. We sometimes raided their stuff which made me feel a bit guilty but apparently most of the NPCs were kinda dumb and only partially sentient. They would only look mildly troubled and go "Hey" if you took their stuff but they didn't really do anything to stop us further so we usually just took whatever we wanted but I alwayd felt a bit bad. I was really paranoid that one day they'd rise up against us and say they were just tolerating it all along. There was a part somewhere along the dream (the timeline is all scrambled in my memory and I forget the order) where a short chubby blonde kid, I think Charlie from CTY was completely devastated over his dead/miscarried young child (in the game world). The experience changed and aged him even when he was back in the real world. He seemed tired and in bad pain from the loss. There was also a part where we were in the real world and professor Snape tried to take our papers with the magical codes and writings about the world we had been in. There was a long struggle where someone with round glasses (I think Haeboong from Dankook 대) argued a lot with him and fought bitterly for those papers. Finally, he ended up making an excuse that they were papers that his dead wife had written and some that he had written about his wife so he didn't want to show or give them to anybody. This was something the school board could take issue with so Snape was forced to grudgingly give up and let him keep the papers. He kept trying a little but it didn't work. This dream had a lot of elements from the Chronicles of Narnia, Rune Factory, Sword Art Online, and Harry Potter. It was very long and emotional and I was completely invested in this fantasy world. It had changed me forever and I couldn't live in the normal human world again after being a legendary adventurer and knowing magic and being a king/queen.