I watched It Chapter 2 and...well...dreamed about it

Date: 9/6/2019

By nomosia

The dream started and it was basically an extra scene of It Chapter 2 with them all in the sewers and they were telling each other that they loved each other. Then it changed scenes and I was walking down a road at night and I was looking through all the windows and I thought I heard someone calling to me but I ignored it because I'm not stupid, and I knew that Pennywise was still around, and I looked at all the old destroyed houses that were burnt down during WW2. They all looked similar to the Neibolt house. I saw a man in a kilt in the distance and I wanted to avoid him so I moved quicker but I was texting Connor about what I saw the whole time. Eventually I was past the street and it was extremely dark and I could hardly see anything because there were no streetlights but I could hear someone yelling at me from closer up and I tried to walk faster because I didn't want to get hatecrimed and I turned around and there was the Scottish man in the kilt walking really fast at me and yelling at me to get off the street. I get ready to like, punch him or something, and he grabs my shoulder like James McAvoy does to that kid and is just screaming at me angrily to stop thinking about what's inside those houses. He grabs my arm and pulls me back down the street and tells me there used to be processions during the war and in my hand is now suddenly an old funeral brochure with all the names of the people going to someone's funeral except the one who died. I look up when I hear the sound of drums and trumpets and suddenly I see this marching band making their way down the street and all the previously unoccupied homes are fixed and the lights are on and people are standing outside and watching the procession. I can tell from the fear in everyone's eyes that this procession is not a good thing. I pull my phone out to take a video and the Scottish man glares at me. "You must NEVER talk about the procession, THINK about the procession or try and look into any of the houses on this street or it will come back to life," He gestured at the military band we were watching march progressively closer. "Or THIS," he pointed at the blank space for the dead person in the funeral brochure," will be you!" I nodded at this, agreeing, before asking: "Okay, but can I just text my friend about it, like I'm not saying anything out loud it's all in the cloud." He thought on this for a while, then nodded once, and I continued to send photos to Connor. I got one blurry video of the marching band but when I tried to send it the video was just 30 seconds of black and static. When I looked up to try and take another, everything, including the band and the Scottish man, was gone. The street was back to being empty and the houses were destroyed, and there were no lights left on to light up the night.