Snake bites cop

Date: 2/26/2019

By DreamGirl444

Was driving on the road with Ricky, when I saw a long and huge green snake bite a cops’s neck and wouldn’t let go. We stopped to help but the cop said he was fine. It’s evident he wasn’t fine! Also, a police boat was hauling through the river (where I actually live) and swerved and knocked down our dock! And he didn’t stop! He just kept going. I had to tell some people I was out of there and went to investigate. The boat I was in to get home was sprayed a few times by other boats. I wasn’t mad but the driver of the boat was. Also, R called me the next day of when he said he’d actually call me. I was miffed but tried to let it go. Then I thought we were off the phone when I found out he’d gone to party with some other chicks and that’s why he didn’t call me, so I screeched out loud in anger! Lo and behold, he was still on the phone and heard me. I pretended like I was emoting because the cat’s tore something of value up. Wow....lots on my mind, apparently.