crash predation

Date: 7/25/2017

By samantha93

i see a car crash up a hill , green grass and pine trees on bith the sides of the road, a white simi truck with 2 men in front of me with a heavy load , I was behind them , brown wood farm fince on the left of me and national forest sign . The simi started to go up hill then rolled back ,tipped on the left side and crashed the 2 men got squished by the truck I see there body's all bloody , then it caught fire and crashed into my car ,. I woke from my awake dream state in the driver side of car and a police car was up a head I tryed to go around truck but was told to go back , asked if I could pull off to side they said no its national forset land I can't be on it , I begged them and told them of my dream they laughed and said sure whatever , then truck stared to roll.