snake game

Date: 2/4/2017

By littleelf

So I had a weird dream which it was almost basically but way cooler bc your snakes looked like real snakes 100% and you could actually hold them and stuff and there were like many level stages to get places, one of the first ones had a swirling vortex of other players trying to eat eachother bc there's no speed boost but to make it to the next level your snake has to go to the correct tunnel and it saves your progress each time you gain a level And when I made it to a second to last level there was a snake just hanging out in the tunnels waiting to eat people but I realized if I got my snake bigger and booped it on the tail with my nose it would disappear for a little while and so somehow I touched my snakes nose with something that made it rapidly get bigger, booped the mean snake and ran through the final level where a gigantic vole or something was sleeping, I waited to watch another player try to make it, and I accidently poked out my nose enough for my snake to get far enough out for the thing to eat me right after eating the other player AND THEN I respawned, waited for another player again, and went out at the same time as the other player, keeping their snake in between mine and the vole or whatever and then I woke up and I almost fell off my bed