Impressing Others and Self

Date: 8/12/2017

By Fitful

I dreamed I knew this girl in passing, but not well. Like I saw her perhaps on the way to work each day or something. We were acquaintences but nothing more. Then one day, on a bench in the park I think, we talked and realized how much alike we were. It was one of those fall in love fast deals. She was very plain, choppy short blonde hair, but being in love changed everything. Her looks didn't matter. Mine didn't either. Her family was a problem. Very wealthy, snobbish, and some of them inclined to practicing magic. They didn't approve eof me. One day when at her manner, or at an office - perhaps where I worked; I overheard her talking to a sibling. The sibling was complaining about something I'd done. She was defending me. She said, "Yeah well she's a dick. But she's the nice sweetest dick you'll ever meet." There seemed to be connotation there, as if an inside joke between us recognized she was a dick too, maybe first, part of her personality, and she had influenced me too embrace that side of myself. She then went on to add, "And, I'm a geek." she said it softly, fondly, as if acknowledging something new and perhaps conceding it. As if I had influenced her to be that way a bit too. ~ Later in the dream, I only recall snippets of events from here on out, I was arranging reservations at a restaurant, her older brother was trying to out do me. He pulled out his credit card and his passport. His passport got him a discount. Mine, apparently I had applied for it a few day ago, hadn't arrived yet so I didn't have one with me. No discount for me. When they rang up his order he got a prize, and the girl being the counter began dancing some elaborate thing. There might have been showgirl costumes and feather head thingys and dancing girls singing harmony. ~ We were supposed to go to a swimming hole and have a nice day in the sun, I packed a few things to wear after we swam. And apparently a silver wetsuit to swim in, which didn't seem weird at all. All i packed was a black lace and tulle skirt, and a white lace and tulle skirt and a tang top. Apparently it was all I wanted to wear. I don't recall we ever got there, to the swimming hole. ~ Her entire family rode horses so we were all riding together. One family member, this black girl with intense gold eyes, ran faster than all the horses. It was incredible. ~ I don't know if this happened with the same people or not, but this girl tried to kill herself in the theatre. She and her family, I think it must have been the same family, went to the theatre to watch a movie. While there she cut herself up and tried to suicide. When caught and asked why she said it was her brother Elijah who would protect her. (He was the head of the family.) She said she felt a bubble around her, which was him, and everything she did was absorbed by him, so she was fine and had to kill herself. The suicide would be absorbed into the bubble and she'd be fine again. ~ I also stole someone's inheritance. It made me feel really guilty. I somehow got it assigned to go to me when the person passing it on died. It was diverted from going to its rightful incipient, and I lived that future where I had a fortune but felt really guilty about having all that money. Then I write back I time and, while knowing what would happen, interacted with me the girl it was supposed to go to. I felt really bad when she began teaching me secret ancient code about how to access the money, hen I already knew how much money was there because I lived the future already.