Fear Of The Unknown

Date: 2/19/2017

By MysticAngel92

Well I had the same dream again, Where me and my 2 sons on a walk, still not knowing where we were, we were just walking down this street when it suddenly turned night, 2 men chased us into a garden, there was a patio door, the curtains were close and the light was on. These 2 men started to beat me I was able to hid my younest but one of the men grabbed my eldest and started to beat him too including smashing his face until he died, I was screaming for them to stop and scream my sons name but nothing. They then left as I tried to look around for help, still screaming I saw my abusive dad standing there across the road with a smile on his face. He then vanished, I then tried to ring my partner, he said he couldn't come as he was at the pub. I woke up from the dream in tears and confused.