Date: 1/18/2017

By daveyevad

Was having another mundane dream when two big black dogs burst through a wooden fence separating our land from neighbors. Contained elements of Lopez house and childhood neighborhood. Oh that reminds me I also dreamt something about the Schlect family. I was talking w some woman I seemed to know well. I said did you see that! I was surprised and amused hogs had just loped through fence and knocked it down. Our two dogs joined in. Then they all descended on a patch of brambles that a neighbor had put a whole liter of Irish setter pups. The puppies were about age of closed eye newbies. They were entwined in branches. The neighbor was concerned that the big dogs would hurt the newborn puppies at some point Michele had purchased a small animal who was another pet of hours on my shoulder it seems that this animal was chewing on on my hair or was flicking its tongue out near my ear I'm not sure if this was a lizard or some kind of's mall varmint it was decided that the big dogs were no long A threat to the newborn puppies