waking up 2 times in dream

Date: 1/26/2017

By sana

(i am avoiding a trip fr no reason in real life)i dreamed that when people wer on trip.i was at my frens place sleeping i woke up and went to looke wether they are bk from trip (at the same time they all came bk )i knw nw they all will say u just avioded the trip u wer nt busy nobody said anything my fren said she have hurt her feet i went fr medication( i couldnt stand the embaresment of missing the trip without any reason) i said to myself i am not here i count stand this ...i was half asleep and i want to wake up i woke up in a dark room side by me there like 6 months old baby (i wondred who is this )then he kicked me on my face..the sensation on my face was real (now i knw m nt dreaming)i woke up i switched on the light there is no one and still dark in other room.....my sir is talking to mom regarding my brothers behaviour ......i could see the curtain of window swinging in that dark room and few rays of light comming in few girls in other room are getting prepared for marriage celebration (over makeup) there is a marching band now finally the voice of prayer was in my ears it guided me to wakeup