Date: 1/16/2017

By emifail

note: i switch perspectives a lot in part 2, my name is emily PART 1 - the house i was in "my house" which was this giant fuckign mansion with a bunch of unfinished parts. perfect spooky aesthetic. and i was ... looking for someone? something? sinister. possibly the old owner of the house who was my grandfather (a dif one) except he was supposed to be dead, so maybe i was searching for his ghost. at some point i guess i'm outside and i run into some wild capybara and the like, professor oak in my ear is like REMEMBER ... CAPYBARA ARE REALLY ATTRACTED TO MARAJUANA ... SO BE CAREFUL!!! and i scoff like, psh, i got this, but then i look down and i'm just covered in like, weed, i guess, so i book it home literally terrified that these capybara are going to tear me to pieces i think im safe at home but there's capybara blocking the stairs too so i gotta maneuver around em anyway my room is the safe spot so once i'm there i calm down; except there's a wet spot on the carpet that leads into my closet. and since this is a giant spooky unfinished mansion, my closet opens up into this fucking dark concrete jungle. so i follow the trail (because my thoughts are: oh no the CAT got into the WEED i tracked in so now it's SICK and i have to FIND IT) but then i get super distracted and try looking for my dead grandpa again it's very spooky then i find him and he smiles devilishly and grabs my arm, making me follow him PART 2 i think i'm nero now? (my half-elf white bowlcut wizard oc) SO NERO has a partner on his case. i don't know who it is. wait fuck i think it's me. it's just me. me and nero fight crime together so emily gets dragged by gpa to this entirely different part of the mansion and it's full of people and they're all working construction on this part of this house. looks like it's going to be some sort of casino or entertainment area. something to bring in revenue. gpa expects me to be impressed. instead i slip away, but he doesn't follow because he expected it and isn't worried. emily and nero realize that the people here are probably secretly after them for having weird abilities. they overhear these two lackeys, a big beefy one and a small noisy one, list off the names and powers of the ppl they're after. so nero tips them off, says "oh i think i saw someone with awful white hair like that over there" (meanwhile he's ... right there ... he's the one with the bad white hair .... whatever) so they run to where they told the thugs to go and lay their trap which is just to LITTER TONS AND TONS OF COINS ONTO THE FLOOR BECAUSE NERO'S POWER IS CONTROLLING METAL??? (this is not his canon lmfao) and i guess emily's power is [redacted] because it never fuckin comes up ANYWAY so we sit and wait for the thugs to walk in and they do but we act way casual and they don't know we're the power kids. also nero is doing laundry (poorly) around the room (there's three washing machines?) as a way to prove he's normal also he keeps mentioning his daddy emily and nero bicker every once in a while like WHY ARE U DOING THE LAUNDRY WRONG, DO U THINK THEY KNOW, SHOULD WE JUST KILL THEM but we decide to let them live so we can follow them secretly and learn where the other kids with powers are. we all leave the room but beefy thug and i spy on him thru a crack in the door. he decides to get on our computer and do a reverse google image search of my twitter icon which was attached to emily's file somehow so i was like SHIT cuz i'd be done for if they found that so i went on y phone to change my icon but then i woke up i'm strest