Get up, you lazy pieces of shit!

Date: 4/28/2017

By Purple

A bunch of family members were in the same room together. What a rare occurrence, as we don't live so close to one another and maybe visit every 5-10 years in real life. We debated what we would all do together, but since it was all adults and all different opinions, we were at an impasse. Eventually plans were agreed upon, and I left the room. I came back some time later, and some people were gone, while my brothers and my cousin were still in the room, watching TV, with blank stares on their faces. (They were watching scenes from my friends' lives, but didn't know this.) What a waste, because it was a beautiful day outside and nobody in their right mind should be a prisoner to watching the boob tube. There was irritation and impatience in my voice as I asked why was everyone still here, doing nothing?! It was very frustrating to see, so I left again, not expecting anyone to show some signs of life.