Grandmas house in the past

Date: 2/7/2019

By GullibleFreckle

My brother was showing me old video clips at grandmas house and some how I was in the movies. I was seeing my family (including myself) as babies. They were short clips of special events but I could move around and interact. I tried to take pictures with my phone but they all came out as though I took a low quality picture of a tv. My grandmas house layout was different and I kept make note of differences. The stairs were ever strange and hard to maneuver. My grandpa looked very different (like Tom Selleck) but I thought “I forgot he looked that way”. I was looking for things I could bring back to the present that could be worth money. I saw things that are not really in my grandmas house and never have including a big brass piano thing that played chime music, an air freshener that pretty much gassed everyone, painting from a deceased relative. In the dream this relative completed suicide but everyone kept it secret (no such relative in rl).