Watching Myself Get Killed

Date: 7/11/2017

By e6life

I don't remember much of this dream. I imagine I've tried to block it out. All I recall was that I was part of a living video game. I was partnered with some unknown pre-teenager. We got separated somehow. I don't know how, I just remember it was my fault. We may have gotten into a fight. Whatever the case, I ran into a giant creature and was immediately cornered by it. At this point, I recall my awareness or something drifting out of my body, stopping a few feet from it. It was as though I were a bodiless point in space, acting as a camera. I floated there and watched as the creature tore my limbs off, completely mutilating and killing me. I think other things happened. Possibly being trapped for years in a fancy mansion filled with traps and various ways to kill a person. I believe I actually escaped the place, only to be tricked into going right back in. I don't think I ever escaped again. These dreams seem fairly troubling to me. I'm fully open to interpretations.