Kids beating old people, birds and trains?

Date: 3/16/2017

By dixsilence

I barely remember being an the metro station of my city. There were two kids beating old ladies who were passing by, I was in a bus so when we all saw that we stopped and got off. I grabbed one of these little garbages and beaten a little out of him. The other people cared for the ladies. After that I went to my father's house, he wasn't there so it was ok to go. When I was sneaking in a neighbor saw me, she asked why we never come and I said my father never let us go (Wich is true irl). After that I noticed the other neighbor was a huge wetland full of beautiful birds, even chickens and ducks were there. Finally I had to take the metro but it was getting kind of late, a girl offered to take me there but she was kind of slow. I had to run to get in time.