Date: 2/22/2017

By camcgregor

I was on an airplane with my ski friends but it was not just some random airplane it was the coolest airplane I have ever been on in my life. I think it started when me and asha were in the washroom together. I don't know why we were in the washroom but we just were. The washroom wasn't that big it was about the same size as a regular airplane washroom. We went out of the washroom and walked down the isle. There was a ladder at the end of the isle to go up or down floors. We went to the very top which was where my ski team along with my parents were. I remember this one guy was kind of getting mad at us cause we were being a bit too loud. It was late at night so we were ordering our food. Usually on airplanes my mom didn't like buying meals cause you just get a free meal as well but for some reason this airplane you don't get any free meals. So I asked my mom if I could buy my own meal and she said yes right after I'm done. I wasn't really sure what she was doing. At the table to make it quick for the waiter the table had words on it that said "I will have", "along with", and after you would put what meal you want. So the waiter would just look at the table and know what you all want already. When my mom got the menu she get a piece of paper and started drawing a circle kind of like a maze circle on a big sheet of paper. In that maze she was writing every single meal on the flight. I don't know why she was doing this but I just left. I went down the the lowest floor with asha again. We saw her dad sitting at a table with another family with orange drapes around the table. I thought it was weird so I told asha "don't you find it a little strange that your dad is way down here while your mom is on the top floor and your brother is in the middle". They are all separate. She said it was normal. I asked asha if she was getting any food so but she said no I only have 4 dollars. We then went up the next floor above which I think was where the kids go to have fun. So we went over to this arcade room where me and asha saw joé and some other guys on the team. They were at this hockey stand where you can shoot 20 pucks into a net and see how many times you can score. There was this French kid there that joé was talking too and he was really nice he went up to me and started to talk to me in English about something I forget. It was his turn to place hockey and he was really good. He was maybe 13 years old and he set the game to a setting of pretty hard. I think he switched the setting to like rep Ontario team level and he did very well.