Crypts of Eternity

Date: 6/6/2017

By staledorito

I fell asleep listening to some music after having a couple drinks with some friends and I remember dreaming about the songs that were playing. One dream that really stood out was this one and I know what song was playing because of the dream. The name of the song is "Crypts of Eternity" by Slayer. In my dream, I was with my best friend & my political science teacher; we were next to some mountain/ field. We were walking in a straight line my best friend in front my teacher second and I was last. The mountain was to the left of us and to our right was the field, it was night time but there was a full moon so everything had a pale color of the moons light, the grass to he right of us was tall and dead you would see it wave In the wind because we were some what elevated from the field next to the mountain. Anyway we kept on walking and found an entrance to some cave or passage way into the mountain/ it was much darker in there than outside obviously, but as we tried to go in some monkey like bats came flying out and attacked my political science teacher by latching on to his head and scratching away his face he fell and ran into the tall grass only to disappear along with the monkey like things... that's all I remember?