The Six Month Lease

Date: 4/16/2019

By DreamWeirdo

I had a dream that Diego was going through a break up at the time we were deciding to move in together and near hillcrest. We signed a six month lease and everybody was coming over to celebrate. I was so happy and excited to Move in with Diego and come back to Shane and tell him the exciting news. Diego didn’t want to have anything to do with me because he was so sad about the breakup. After being there a couple hours and playing baseball with friends. I come back to the place and realize that there is a man in my bed. I start to freak out and I have to physically assault him to get out. It seemed that nobody was there at the time. I pulled his hair all the way down the stairs until I realized what was actually going on. The downstairs shop was being robbed by a woman who was trying to break into a safe. I started to tackle her and they both got out. The next day when I went to let the people that worked there know, I found out that our place used to be a meth house. I went back home and three woman were at the door offering me food in a bag that was so good to eat. It was an offer that included three hundred dollars off rent. I began getting more nervous about this lease we signed. I don’t know much about leases but there were three people in this open and nice house but I started to see it for what it actually was, a place that we can all relapse. One roommate barely got sober and Haiden moved in too. I was nervous about him but I was having second thoughts about the situation. Diego was still sad and I needed to figure out a way the two of us can escape.