Date Raped

Date: 5/26/2019

By richellebucks

Okay so the dream starts off that I’m telling my guidance counselor that I’ve been raped by a boy in my school. So basically it starts off as me narrating it. What I say is that I woke up in my bed and my legs were really sore and I headache.I also woke up with a text message from the rapist, Justin, saying “your shit was mad wet” with a bunch of sexual emojis but he also texted me saying that I was as flat as a board. Then I say that I went to my diary on my phone, that I write my entire day on. On the day that I got raped it said : “I was hanging out with Justin at a bar and we drank, but I didn’t drink much. Then I started to feel really weird and dizzy and woozy. Then we went to his apartment which was near the bar and we went to his bed and started making out. Then he got on top of me and started having intercourse. It said that I told him no several times and tried to push me off, but all he said was ‘stop playing hard to get bitch’ and he continued. Then I blacked out and woke up on his bed at around 4AM. I woke up, trying to get my clothes which woke him up, He kissed me again but I didn’t kiss him back because I was really confused at what was happening. I was still pretty woozy. He then ordered an Uber to my house for me. I got in the Uber and the memories started to come back. I then started to write down everything on the diary app and I went home.” After I told my guidance counselor this she was confused. She asked me how don’t I remember but was able to write it down on the diary app. I then said that I wrote the events the day OF the rape and that when I woke up in my bed I didn’t remember them because I was obviously drugged. She dismissed me and said she didn’t believe me. I then went out in the hallway and Justin winked at me and then I started crying really hard. Then Ms.Perdomo came up to me and asked me what’s wrong and I told her everything, and she immediately believed me. I think the reason she believed me so fast was because she was a feminist and was also a sexual assault survivor. She then took me to her room and told my other teacher, Mr. Hailey, (who was my 8th grade teacher in real life but in the dream is my 9th grade teacher) and then we talked about it. Mrs Perdomo said she and Mr. Hailey were going to talk to the other teachers about it and then we would go to the police. That’s when I woke up. This is weird because my last dream was also about sexual assault.