don't ask... it's just a nightmare that I always had as a kid... the most scariest thing...NOISY CHOO CHOO!!!😱😱😱😱🚂

Date: 1/18/2017

By madnewman13😼

Okay. So. When I was little, like 4-6 years old, I had a fear of trains. AND DON'T JUDGE OR I WILL CHOKE YOU WITH A FORK! *ehem* sorry. But I'm sure you had a dumb fear to like... Being afraid of grass hoppers or something! But enough chit-chat. Let's get to the dreams I've always had... So basically, I have always had these dreams where this tiny toy train that pretty much looks like this:🚂 would always come and hunt me down and tickle me to death. Now it's not the kind of tickling you would think, I could feel it; and it hurt. Like HELL. So I remember this one dream where I was in this store, shopping with my mom; there was a decent amount of people, and the store was also decent sized. My mom and I then passed these cardboard stand ups that were 2X the size of me. They looked like tunnels, and there were three. I walked passed them, but then looked back and walked back over to them; the one on the right was glowing! Confused and a little scared, I jumped back and hid behind my mom. Then, out popped NOISY CHOO CHOO!!!!😱😱😱 Soon, everyone was running around, screaming, and fleeing around the store. Now, I was like 5, so I was like freakin out. Soon I backed up in front of the shop window, where he was chasing these people around a shelf. I gasped and then Noisy Choo Choo looked at me with is super scary glowing light, and I was like, " me and my big fat mouth," and he began to chase me. Also, in some other nightmares with him in it, he had friends: one was a vacuum cleaner that was a girl, and the other two were boys; one a lawn mower and the other a... I don't really remember... Maybe a leaf blower...? Eh, doesn't really matter. So yeah, that was just one. I've also had dreams where he would come up our driveway, where I exclaimed that he was coming, and we all hid in the house. Also, the real truth behind him is that he was really Thomas the train in disguise. I found that out in a dream I had where I was in my grandma's and Boppy's house while it was storming. Any ways, that was basically my childhood fear. Trains. Now don't you DARE laugh! Even tho I was a pretty strange child lol. Ok? Thanks for understanding.😁