Bullying about kpop

Date: 5/31/2017

By samthelamb

So I was pissed off all day just because I had to go to school. At the end of the day. I went to my red locker. I heard someone talk about kpop. I saw there was two guys bullying a guy. The two bullies was like "you like kpop? Hehe. " and they grab the victim's uniform. I was mad. I walked over and pushed the two guys And yelled "stop bullying him!" The two guys was like "seriously. You can boss me?" I keep fighting. A teacher tell us to stop. We did. The two bullies went away. I walked with the guy. I said "you like kpop." He: no... Me: c'mon. What group you like? He: (he said a group. But I forgot) Me: I like APink, exo, BTS (I listed a few) He awkwardly said "cool..." he: there is not a lot of people know kpop Me: I know. But you can come to me anytime and talk about it. You see. I don't make any friends and stay away from people because I'm afraid this would happen. He: oh... We walked to the parking a lot. We said goodbye. For some reason I ended up at a tree and rest there. Then I tell my dad about what happen today at school.