Twins and a Parasitic Tree

Date: 4/11/2017

By MysterSky8

The story begins with twins, a boy and girl. In the beginning the boy was visiting or playing with the girl and for some reason she attempts to kill him. He was laying own to the floor trying to avoid bullets and all as she continued to attack him. His only protection was that he had a locked screen door she couldn't get past. Later, after the attack dies down, the boy wanders and finds this parasitic tree. It starts off looking pleasant, but something feels wrong. It absorbs both twins, they die and from there a never ending story seems to emerge. The spirits of the twins would possess children killed by the parasitic tree and from there continue their fight with one another. I get somewhat hazy on all the details, because I woke up a few times and dreamed a few dreams and I'm trying not to mix details. But, after possessing a few kids throughout the times, the twins still fight. It seems the boy is fighting against the parasitic tree and the girl only wants to fight the boy. Eventually the parasitic tree is destroyed, and all the souls are set free. There is such a feeling of happiness and pride for the boy, he even seems to have made it so his sister no longer wants to kill him, because he played a great role in finally killing the tree. The twins both are still in possession of the latest victims of the tree, and continue to live out their life. The only thing really amazing I remember is all the souls of the children the twins had possessed that were killed by the tree were put to rest. There was such a nice feeling with all the kids saying thank you and they could finally all move on. I just remembered a detail about the tree on how it looked, so when I would see the tree it was as if I were underground or in a cave of some type, and I would see the tree from it's roots coming out. I think there was an eye too that was by the general area of the tree, and it would observe and watch the children with it.